Helena Montana Wedding

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Jacie and Ryan | Kleffner Ranch | Helena, Montana

It can be nerve wracking to photograph a wedding of someone who has known you your whole life. I had the utmost honor of being able to be a first hand witness and photographer this past weekend at my beautiful cousin, Jacie’s wedding. 

Ryan blew me away at their engagement session with how much he adores and doted on Jacie, but what really stunned me was how equally she gave it back to him. Their wedding day was no different. I think Bri and I repeated the phrase “wow, they love each other so much” no less than 5 times under our breath to each other during our 30 minutes with them for portraits right after they were married. It is very apparent how much affection and admiration Ryan and Jacie have for one another. 

Now, knowing Jacie all my life I expected her to be a little nervous and high strung when I walked into the salon. Instead I was met with a laughing, excited and relaxed bride. She had everything in order and was not freaking out at all. I chalk that up to knowing she was about to do one of the best things ever – marry her best friend & maybe a little stubbornness to not conform to what everyone expected her to be like 😜

Ryan was also almost as equally cool and collected. It wasn’t until he started getting ready when you could see the nerves and anticipation start to kick in. The way he stared at the big barn doors at Kleffner, awaiting his bride even almost made me start to sweat. When he caught a first glimpse of Jacie – he was absolute butter. Making everyone laugh as he pulled out hot pads to receive her from my Uncle Kelly. Jacie was absolutely stunning! 

Their ceremony was especially sweet, officiated by the brides brother, and with the poem “The Art of Marriage” read by the grooms sister. They each wrote their own vows and as Ryan went in to kiss his wife for the first time, a cowboy hat was tossed to the crowd. They finally were married! 

I think now is an important time to note the weather. Now Montana spring can be heavily unpredictable and Saturday was no different. A blistering wind made it pretty chilly outside, even as the sun shone through the clouds. Alas, all the family and the bridal party were troopers, braving the cold for two very important newlyweds. We were able to bust out some portraits before the weather turned for the worst and started to hail! Bri rescued our newlyweds in the Subaru and the drove it right to the door for their confetti filled grand entrance. 

The next few hours were what I hope was exactly what they dreamed of. Speeches that made me actually laugh out loud multiple times (good work Shelbi and Jessica) & also very literally cry. Family and friends who adore the couple dusting their boots off to dance & laugh with them as they finally got to celebrate being Mr and Mrs Hanson. 

I should mention that just like spring weather does, the sun came out and allowed us to snag some sunset portraits that I have been waiting for for many months! A perfect ending to a spectacular day! 

Congratulations Jacie and Ryan! I don’t even feel like I need to wish you luck, because I know you have the long haul already on track. I feel very honored to have been there to celebrate and document & am luckily enough to be related to get to witness all the joys ahead! 💙

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