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Lagbas Wedding


From the moment I met Kat and Myke I knew I was going to like them. They both have this calm energy about them that makes you feel like you are the most important person they are talking to. That energy is important when you are raising four kids together, like they are. Their Seattle wedding was absolutely everything they hoped for. 

The day started off quiet and calm. Both Bri and I were actually astounded by the quiet that filled their home. There was an absolute peace that filled the whole home. When we arrived, Myke was taking a nap, Mona was finishing hand painting the placards, and the kids were all quiet and hard to find. We settled into the quiet as Kat got her makeup finished by her good friend Grace. After a few hours of calm, it was time to get to the venue! After a quick little set up, the girls were laughing and sipping champagne in one of the secret rooms of the Imperia Lake Union. Funny story about this secret room. I couldn’t find it! Then when I figured it out I stood outside of it for far too long trying to figure it out – thankfully one of Kat’s sweet friends assisted me into accessing the hidden room behind the mirror! 

Twenty minutes before Kat walked down the aisle, her mom, Mona, and her closest friends were helping her into her elaborate and gorgeous gown. Final touches were put on her hair, the Jimmy Choos were fastened, and our Bride was ready to become a wife. 

One of the greatest parts about Kat and Myke’s ceremony was that while it was about them as a couple, it was also very much about their kids. Zev, Ari, Aya and Shai dangled their feet along the edge of the stage and played their part when need be (actually a couple times when Zev tried to hand off the rings early). They did a unique unity ceremony where each child and Kat and Myke poured a jar of candy into a big family vase. When Kat was telling me about this idea I had asked her if they would just get to eat the candy after the wedding. She laughed and said, “Oh no, that will be our family bribe jar”. My kind of girl! 

During their vows, Myke never took his eyes off of Kat. As she spoke she made him laugh and you could see his big smile just expand with every word. Then during Myke’s vows, he surprised her by singing his vows to John Legend’s “All of Me”. That was a first for me in eleven years of witnessing vows & Myke knocked it out of the park. So you could say that they were both extremely ready for their final steps – sharing wine and breaking glass – then finally Mazel tov! Mr and Mrs Lagbas walked back down the aisle hand in hand – their four children leading the way!

The rest of the night at the reception was full of heartfelt speeches, outlining how perfect Kat and Myke fit together. How Kat is fancy and slowly made Myke fancy too. How Myke supports Kat in all her dreams and adventures. How they love to travel and see the world together. How they both parent their kids & love them. How their honeymoon stage never seems to end because they are able to see the best in each other and work through the hard times. Sounds pretty perfect, right? Then they danced under twinkling lights as John Legend serenaded them. Kissing, smiling and making the most of their first dance as Mr and Mrs. Immediately after the dance floor was full and we witnessed some pretty epic dance moves from all ages! A stretch limo rolled up outside and the sparklers were lit! Mr and Mrs Lagbas did a final run through with cheering family and friends as they drove away into the Seattle skyline. 

Thankfully Bri and I got to follow them to their pier front hotel to catch some portraits of these two newlyweds! An empty hotel lobby and perfect crisp evening led us to some beautiful spots to wrap up our time with the couple. There is nothing like walking around after you get married because you get to feel famous for a minute. Well wishes and catcalls, compliments and pictures taken by strangers are always sure to follow! Kat and Myke looked extra fancy and extra happy and so it felt like people were coming out of the walls to celebrate with them! 

After all of that, I think you can gather it was a fabulous day. It was the best way to kick off my final wedding season & I couldn’t imagine doing it in a more relaxed and fun day – with Mr and Mrs Lagbas, who know how to make everyone feel loved and their love. Congratulations you two….six! Here is to many more years of dancing, singing, laughing and traveling! Hugs.

VENDORS ** VENUE/FLORIST/CATERING: Imperia Lake Union – Seattle, Washington | DJ: DJ Protage | HAIR/MAKEUP: Grace Nguyen | GOWN: Bellevue Bridal | SHOES: Jimmy Choo | PHOTOGRAPHY SECOND: BriCo Creative **

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