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holly and grantPlanning a wedding in general can be exhausting and difficult, so planning it when there is a pandemic happening……. I FEEL YOU BRIDES!! This is why I wanted to share four things I learned while planning my wedding during a pandemic so I can hopefully help some brides out on which direction to start thinking!! 

  1. The first thing I learned is that you have to decide what is most important to you in every aspect of your wedding day. Are you going to stick with your original date? Are you going to pick a new date? Who is going to come to your wedding? Are you going to be upset if people can’t be there? Do you want to limit the amount of “extras” at the wedding! Do you not want to modify your original plan? These are some questions that will help get your brain spinning and thinking about what is truly important to you for your wedding day! The best part is it doesn’t matter how you answer those questions because your day is totally up to you!
  2. The second thing I learned is that anything can change in an instant and it’s okay to feel scared and uncertain. In my case the venue, food, and town changed just three days before our wedding day and MY OH MY was I scared and SO uncertain!! Being a bride in general comes with so many emotions and the uncertainty of doing it all during a pandemic is exhausting. So if you are scared and uncertain, just know that it is okay to feel that way and you are most definitely not alone in your feelings.
  3. The third thing I learn is that there are people who will help you and want to make your big day a success! In my case, I got help from my family, a new venue, a new caterer, and of course my photographers! Just knowing that there are people who will help out in any way that they can helped me feel a little more certain and content with what was going to happen! And let me assure you, I know that Mary, Bri, and I will always be here to lend and ear and help out in anyway that we can! 
  4. The fourth thing I learned is that overall it’s important to try and have a positive outlook on your wedding day because the main goal of every wedding is to marry the love of your live and that WILL happen! It may not happen on the exact date you planned, or have the same guests as planned but it will be special, amazing, and you will leave that day with the person who put you there in the first place and I think that is pretty great!!! 

Well there you have it, four things I learned while planning my wedding during a pandemic. If you are a bride currently trying to navigate this weird season, let me know and how I can cheer you on or help you! 

Wishing all brides a happy planning process and an even better wedding day! <3

XO Holly

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