Tip for a Tuesday | Guest Post by Boyce & Berry Flowers

I am so excited to be sharing the first of four guest blog posts all about weddings to fill up this month of LOVE!! For the next four weeks my Tip for a Tuesday posts will be written by vendors who you may be working with for your wedding, but in all will give you some great general tips to help their particular expertise look amazing for your day!

Our first guest blogger is the owner of Boyce & Berry flowers in Havre, Montana, Kimmi Boyce. This home based flower shop just recently acquired a rental space in the old Yummy Yogurt space to hold all her beautiful creations. Her flower arrangements are unique and beautiful and she can put a twist on any idea you have to make it special for your day!

I used Boyce and Berry for my own wedding bouquet and it was definitely my favorite detail! It is the first photo at the bottom of this post, taken by my amazing photographer and friend, Sara Jeanne Photography!

You can find Boyce & Berry located at 1134 5th Ave in Havre MT, online at either Boyce and Berry or you can visit her Facebook page right here!

Meaningful vs. Matchy-Matchy

By Kimmi Boyce, Owner of Boyce and Berry Flowers

Brides almost always bring me dress fabric swatches as inspiration for their wedding florals. While this is a smart and savvy starting point in the planning, I’d like to challenge brides to be a bit more adventurous with their floral color palettes. Stepping outside the box can be thrilling and produce very striking results. Hear me out.

Color matching flowers to fabric can be tricky. I’ve experienced this, especially in the frozen tundra of Northern Montana, where we florists have to deal with our suppliers from afar. We trust someone else’s color matching skills, putting full control in their eyes to see what we see and have the intuition to choose correctly from literally mountains of flowers. This is not a simple situation, but I’m not using it as an excuse not to get brides’ colors right. I try my darnedest, and have done well with color matching. What I’m trying to get at is that there are so many flowers and colors to be discovered and explored. Maybe your florals don’t need to match the bridesmaids’ dresses perfectly. If you love sunflowers, but “yellow isn’t in your color scheme,” try to imagine the possibilities of pairing your favorite flower with items that do match. A color that isn’t in the rest of the theme can be a lovely surprise of contrast. If you want to incorporate a flower that doesn’t seem to “fit” but it was your grandma’s prized garden glory, please don’t shy away from the flower due to its color. Your wedding day is the perfect time to tie together all the sentimental strings of your life thus far into one glorious day. And you should have flowers that are meaningful to you, not just matchy-matchy.

If you adore delphiniums, but your bridesmaids dresses are plum, don’t despair. Let your florist help you brainstorm ideas on how to make the colors play nicely together. With the right nuances in complementary colors and several textures to vary the lines and structure of the bouquet, I am certain you can discover that your favorite flowers can be incorporated into your wedding regardless of a strict color match.

Additionally, remember that all flowers are the epitome of natural beauty. They are one of earth’s simplest yet loveliest miracles. If you want scads of variety and color in your bouquet, go for it! Go all out. This is, most likely, the biggest bouquet you’ll ever get to hand pick for yourself. Enjoy the beauty of the flowers and your amazing day to their fullest! Forget the stress of matching and let your florist help you dream up that gorgeous bouquet you’ll remember forever.

Kimmi Boyce

The following images were all taken by Sara Jeanne Photography!

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